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Grainhart: Bulk Grain Packing, Storage & Logistics

One of Queensland’s largest grain packers, Grainhart is based on Queensland’s fertile Darling Downs and is located approximately 160km from the Port of Brisbane. This strategic location allows grain for packaging to be sourced from regions spanning central Queensland to northern New South Wales.

Grainhart’s semi-automated 20 foot containerised packing system processes large quantities of different types of grains, without damaging the product. Grainhart offers customers an entire logistics solution. A DCT price can be offered ex-farm or depot, including all freight movements required and PRAs.

Grainhart’s services include the logistical requirements, from the road transport of bulk commodities into Grainhart, to the containerisation of grain & cotton seed and including the delivery of the containers to the wharf. Grainhart also offers a 36 metre Public Weigh-bridge.

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